Course Description

The purpose

The most important relationship in most people's career is the relationship they have with themselves. The second most important relationship for their career is the relationship they have with their boss. Managing their boss is important to their career. Ultimately their success and progression will not be between them and the company; it will be between them and the people who will promote and pay them. That group consists of more than just their boss. Their boss's boss and other senior managers may be watching. Their boss may report to a more senior executive. If their efforts are visible to that executive, helping their boss achieve in a way that her boss recognises might be their best strategy.

The way people see their relationship with their boss is vitally important. And most people see their boss in the wrong way and are disempowered by it.

This module shows how people and their boss can work together in a far more collaborative , and empowered relationship where both win.

Content includes

  • Understanding your boss, their strengths, weaknesses and pressures so you can help them be more successful, and in the process make you more successful.
  • Taking control of your career and never again allowing it to be in the hands of someone else.

Why this is important

  • When your boss succeeds you succeed.
  • You can get whatever you want if you can package it so your boss gets stronger.
  • Stop being the victim and start being in control.

Author of Cracking Great Leaders and the Program to support it.

Bruce Holland

Bruce Holland is the author of "Cracking Great Leaders - liberate human energy at work" and the Cracking Great Leaders Program designed so professional leadership developers and managers can release the untapped human energy within their organisations is trained in bean-counting, practicing artist, aims to be an old guru (already achieve the 'old' bit)!Bruce's purpose is to, "Liberate the human spirit at work." Everything he does is dedicated to achieving this aim. For you the result is more depth, meaning and connection:1. Become more strategic and focused. In most organisations strategy and creativity are separated by a wide gap; Bruce works to bridge this.2. Get people out of silos and working together. Silos are a major destroyer of value. Bruce's processes build trust, teamwork and cooperation throughout.3. Develop Cracking Great leaders. It's not about control and limiting; it's about liberating and expanding. It's about cracking off the 'mud' (fear, doubts and uncertainty) that most of us are covered with. He realises that this purpose is too big for any one organisation to achieve on its own and has packaged his 25 years of knowledge, skills and experience into his book and Program so others who feel the same can move more quickly and with less cost towards the same end.Bruce is also a business consultant specialising in: Organisational Strategy, Execution, Culture, Structure, Leadership Development and Mentoring.

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